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Stress: Good or Bad?

  Stress used to be an almost unknown word, but now that we are used to talking about it, I have found that people are beginning to get stressed about being stressed.  21*cnjy*com

  In recent years, stress(33)______(regard) as a cause of a whole range of medical problems, from high blood pressure to mental illness. But like so many other things, it is only too much stress(34)______ does you harm. It is time you considered that if there were no stress in your life, you would achieve a little. If you are stuck at home with no stress, then your level of performance will be low. Up to a certain point, the more stress you are under, the (35)_____(good) your performance will be. Beyond a certain point, though , further stress will only lead to exhaustion, illness and finally a breakdown. You can tell when you are over the top and on the downward slope, by asking yourself (36)_______ number of questions. Do you, for instance, feel that too much is being expected of (37)______, and yet find it impossible to say no? Do you find yourself getting impatient or(38) _____(annoy) with people over unimportant things?... If the answer to all those questions is yes, you had better(39)______(control ) your stress, as you probably are under more stress than is good for you.

  To some extent you can control the amount of stress in your life. Doctors have worked out a chart showing how much stress is involved in various events. Getting married is 50, pregnancy 40, moving house 20, Christmas 12,etc. If the total stress in your life is over 150, you are twice as likely (40)_______ (get )ill.


33. has been regarded   34. that   35. better   36. a  37. you  38. annoyed  39. control   40. to get


35. better  考查固定句式“The+比较级....., the+比较级”意为“越....就越.....”。本句句意:你承受的压力越大,你的表现就会越好。所以本空使用good的比较级形式better.21教育网

36. a  考查固定短语。短语a number of许多,大量;该形容词短语通常做定语修饰可数名词复数形式,本句中使用a number of修饰可数名词复数形式questions。2•1•c•n•j•y

37. you  考查上下文串联。句意:例如,你是否感觉到对你期待得太多了?本句的主语是you,所以仍然使用宾格you作为介词of的宾语。21cnjy.com

38. annoyed  考查形容词。形容词annoyed恼怒的,该词是由过去分词转换而来的形容词,通常修饰人。本句中该词和impatient构成并列关系一起和系动词get构成系表结构。www-2-1-cnjy-com

39. control 考查固定搭配。动词短语had better do sth最好做某事;“had better”是情态动词,后面要接动词原形。

 40. to get 考查形容词短语。形容词短语be likely to do sth可能做某事;句意:如果你生活中的压力超过150,你就非常有可能生病了。



强调句型:“It is(was)+被强调的部分+that(who)+原句其它部分”来强调说话人的意愿:  

It was on Monday night that all this happened.所有这一切发生在周一晚上。  

It’s me that he blamed.他怪的是我。  

强调句型最重要的句型是: It is (was) + 被强调部分+ that/ who + 句子的其它成份 。


It is they who /that will have a meeting tomorrow. (强调主语) 

It is a meeting that they will have tomorrow. (强调宾语)

 It is tomorrow that they will have a meeting. (强调时间状语)  


即It is ... that/who...和It was ...that/who...。

如:  It was the way he asked that really upset me.  

5.判断一个句子是否是强调句的方法是:如果将句中的It is/was...that/who...去掉,经整理后还是一个完整的句子,本句就是强调句。否则,就不是。

如:  It was in today's newspaper that we found the news. 

去掉It was ...that 之后,句子可以整理为:We found the news in today's newspaper. 




It was for this reason that he left that school.  

It was in this way that he solved the problem.  


It was only when I reread his poems that I began to appreciate their beauty. 21*cnjy*com

3.用 not until 复杂结构作为被强调的部分。如:  

It was not until she took off her dark glasses that I realized she was a film star. 

It was not until 1920 that regular radio broadcasts began. 


It was on July 7th 1975 when he was born that his father died.  



The giant panda 41  (love) by people throughout the world.Chinese scientists 42  (recent) had a chance to study a wild female panda with a newborn baby.She was a very 43  (care)mother.For 25days,she never left her baby,not even to find something 44  (eat)!She would not let any other pandas come near.She licked the baby constantly to keep it clean.Any smell might attract natural 45  (enemy)that would try to eat the little comforting  pats.The mother held the baby in her front paws much the way a human does. 46  it cried,she rocked it back and forth and gave it little comforting pats,The mother continued to care for the young panda 47  more than two years.By that time,the panda no longer needed 48  (it)mother for food.However,it stayed with her and leaned about the ways of the forest.Then,after two and a half years,the mother 49  (drive)the young panda away.It was time for her to have a new baby,50  it was also time for the young panda to be independent.

【答案】41.is loved   42.recently   43.caring/careful  44.to eat          45.enemies 

46.When/If   47.for       48.its           49.drove          50.and



41.is loved 句意:大熊猫被全世界的人喜欢。根据句意可知用一般现在时态的被动语态,The giant panda是单数第三人称形式,故填is loved。

42.recently  副词修饰动词,故填recently。

43.caring/careful  此处是现在分词或形容词作定语,放在名词前面,故填caring/careful。

44.to eat  句意:甚至不去找吃的东西。此处是动词不定式放在不定代词后面作后置定语,故填to eat。

45.enemies  句意:任何气味都可能吸引自然界的敌人。自然界的敌人不止一个,应该用复数形式,故填enemies。