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  prefer doing to talking 喜欢做而不喜欢说

  Which of these two dresses do you prefer? 这两套衣服你喜欢哪一套?

  I prerer to go to America for my fruther study. 我更愿意选择去美国进修学习。

  Anne prefers me to replace her at the meeting. 安妮更愿意我代替她去参加会议。

  1.advantages and disadvantages 优劣

  2.How do they make use of it in their daily life? 在日常生活中他们是如何利用它的

  3.flow through 流过,流经

  4.Ever since middle school, my sister Wang Wei and I have dreamed about taking a great bike trip. 从高中起,我姐姐王维和我就一直梦想做一次伟大的自行车旅行。 连词since 引导的时间状语从句用一般过去时,介词since 与表示过去某一点时间的词语连用,副词since 后不用从句或词语。

  It is/has been+一段时间+since+一般过去时(从句中的动作不能延续)自从……至今已经多久了。

  since then 自从那时至今 ever since 从那以后一直

  5.persuade sb to do sth= persuade sb into doing sth 说服某人做某事

  He persuaded her to go to school, even though she did not want to.


  6.grow up in western Yunnan 在云南西部长大

  7.After graduating fro college, we finally got the chance to take a bike trip.


  8.It was my sister who first had the idea to cycle along the entire Mekong River from where it begins to where it ends.


  强调句型It is/was…that/who 的用法归纳如下:

  强调句型可以强调除谓语动词以外的任何句子成份。一般来说,如果被强调部分是人时,用连词that或who;如果被强调部分是物,只能用连词that。 强调句型应避免使用when, where, which 等连词。


  ① 含一般疑问句的强调句型,其结构为:Is it+被强调部分+that/who+句子的其余部分?

  ② 特殊疑问句的强调句型结构形式为:特殊疑问词+is/was it that/who+句子的其余部分?

  9.schedual for the trip 旅行计划

  10.be fond of 喜欢,喜爱

  Although she didn’t know the best way of getting to places, she insisted that she organize the trip properly.尽管她对去某些地方的最佳路线并不清楚,她坚持要自己把这次旅行安排得尽善尽美。 (注意1:Although conj. “尽管,虽然”,引导让步状语从句。拓展:

  ① although 从句多在句首, though 从句可在主句前、中、后任何位置,而且though 可以作副词用于句末,作“但是,不过”讲,而although 无此用法。

  ② although 用来陈述事实而不用于假设,所以as though(仿佛,好像),even though(即使,尽管)中不能用although。

  ③ though 引导的让步状语从句可以倒装(将表语、状语、情态动词后的动词原形前置到句首,此用法同as),而 although 不可以。注意2:insist 在这里的意思是“坚持要求”后面的that从句用虚拟语气;如果insist 意为“强调,坚持认为”的时候,从句可以用任何所需要的时态。例如:She insisted that she didn’t tell a lie.她强调她没撒谎。另外,还可以用insist on doing sth/ sth. 一定要、坚持主张,如:She insists on getting up early and playing her radio loudly她老是一大早起来把收音机音量开大。)

  11.care about details 考虑细节

  The only thing he cares about is money. 他唯一在乎的就是金钱。

  care for 喜欢,照料,照顾 I don’t really care for red wine. 我其实并不喜欢红葡萄酒。

  Who will care for your child if you are out? 如果你外出了,谁来照顾你的孩子?

  12.give me a determined look给了我一个坚定的眼神

  13.change one’s mind 改变主意

  14.…she seemed to be excited about it. 似乎显得兴奋

  15.an interesting experience一次有趣的经历

  16.Once she has made up her mind, nothing can change it. Finally, I had to give in.她一旦下了决心,什么也不能使她改变。最后,我只好让步了。Once 可作为从属连词,作“一(旦)……就……”解,连接一个表示时间的状语从句。从句中常用一般现在时,现在完成时表将来。

  如:Once you have begin you must continue.

  Once printed,the book will be very popular。

  17.It becomes rapids as it passes through deep valleys, travelling across western Yunnan Province. 它穿过深谷时就变成了急流,流经云南西部。

  18.It makes wide bends or meanders through low valleys to the plains where rice grows. 河水蜿蜒缓慢地穿过低谷,流向生长稻谷的平原。

  19.He is so stubborn that no one can persuade him to do anything.


  20.A determined person always tries to finish the job, no matter how hard it is.


  21.My grandpa is fond of fishing and sometimes he fishes all day in the river.


  22.I prefer the red dress to the green one because it fits me better.


  23.The concert went like clockwork because Li Pei organized it so well.


  24.I wanted to pay the train fare, but my friend insisted. Finally I gave in.


  25.She persuaded all of us to cycle to work instead of taking the bus.


  26.As neither of them would give in, no decision was taken that day.


  27.The task was difficult, but Helen’s determined expression let me know that she would not give up.虽然工作很难,但海伦的坚定神情使我知道她不会放弃。

  28.How I wish I could make a journey into space and see the stars up close.


  29.The very first time that Joe saw the film “ET” directed by Steven Spieberg, he made up his mind to become a director too.

  第一次看Steven Spieberg执导的电影“ET”时,他就下定决心也要当一名导演。

  30.a large parcel of 一大包

  31.We are taking out insurance to cover any problems.我们要投保给一切问题保险。

  32.Our legs were so heavy and cold that they felt like blocks of ice.


  33.Along the way children dressed in long wool coats stopped to look at us.


  34.However, the lakes shone like glass in the setting sun and looked wonderful.然而,湖水在落日的余晖下闪亮如镜,景色迷人。

  35.as usual 像往常一样

  36.At one point we were so high that we found ourselves cycling through clouds. 在某个时刻,我们发现自己置身高处,仿佛骑车穿越云层。

  37.We saw many sheep eating green grass. 我们看到羊群在吃草。

  38.make camp宿营

  39.put up our tent 搭帐篷

  40.stay awake 睡不着,醒着

  41.at midnight 在半夜

  42.for company 做伴

  43.lie beneath the stars 躺在星空下

  44.We can hardly wait to see them.我们迫不及待地想要见到他们。

  45.Good luck on your journey. 祝你旅途愉快

  46.When you go on a journey, why not keep a travel journey?


  47.see the world through somebody else’s eyes 通过别人的眼睛看世界

  48.go in the right direction 走正确的方向

  49.The tortoise moves at a very slow pace.乌龟以很慢的速度行进。

  If you pace yourself, you will be able to work efficiently.


  50.be similar to 类似于

  51.afford to do sth 付得起,能承担

  52.be tired from因……而疲劳 be tired of 对……厌倦

  53.be in high spirits 喜气洋洋,兴高采烈

  54.come true 实现,成真

  55.Ask them to give you some advice on improving it.


  56.a guide to… ……的指南

  57.on a tour 在游览中,在巡演中

  58.in detail 详细地