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编辑点评: 本文是2014高考英语核心考点的整理,为大家详细的整理了高考英语中的考点,是英语知识点的归纳总结,在本文中,全面为大家整理了英语中100组经典词组,同时也按字母顺序为大家整理了高中英语常用的词组短语。欢迎大家参阅~


get a better understanding of China 更好地了解中国
get a full mark / full marks 得满分 get a lot of satisfaction 得到满足
get at 意指,本意是 get around = get about 四处走动,活动
get away 移走,拿走,逃脱,逃离 get away from 逃脱,逃离
get back 回来,回家,取回,找回,退还
get close to 接近 get down 下来,降下
get down on one’s knees 跪下 get down to (doing) sth 开始(做)某事)
get in 进入,收获,达到 get in a word 插话
get into… 进入…… get sb into… 使某人陷入
get it 接(电话),应(门),理解,懂得 get off 下车,脱下(衣服等)
get on 上车,过活 get on / along with… 进展,与……相处
get on one’s feet (艰难地)站立起来 get out 离开,出去
get out of 逃避,避免 get over 克服,恢复,原谅
get up 起床,起身 get across 理解,度过
get through 接通(电话),完成(工作),通过(考试)
get to 到达,抵达 get to sleep 入睡,设法睡着
get / gain / take possession of 占有,拥有,占领
get ready for 为……做准备
(比较:be ready for = be well prepared for = be in preparation for 为……做好了准备)
get rid of 除掉,去掉 get sb to do 让某人做
get the idea for… 想到……的主意 get the message across 传播信息
get together 相聚,碰头,联欢
get / be used to sth 习惯于……,适应于……
(比较:be used as sth 被用作……
be used for sth 被用于……,用来做……
be used to do sth 被用于做……
used to do sth 过去常常做)
get / be dressed 穿衣服
get / be engaged (to sb) (与某人)订婚
get / be lost 丢失了,迷路
get / be married (to sb) = marry (sb) (与某人)结婚
get / be stuck 陷进去,被困住,被难住,遇到困难
get / be tired of 对……感到厌倦,对……失去兴趣
(比较:get / be tired for 因……而感到疲倦)

I’m getting on well with my classmates now.
How are you getting along with your English?
He got the book away from her.
The bank robbers used a stolen car to get away.
When did you get back from the countryside?
Have you got back the book you lent him?
“Get down on your knees,” said the Genie, “for I am going to kill you.”
The dust has got into my eyes.
This mistake may get him into difficulties.
Before I could get in a word he had measured me, and was giving orders for evening suits.
If you knock into someone, or get into his way, you should say, “Excuse me.” or “I’m sorry.”
When you are in London, you might get in touch with a friend of mine.
The conductor got off and checked the rails.
She got on her bicycle and cycled off.
You work too hard! You should get out a bit more.
If you don’t want to go, I suppose I can get rid of the ticket.
We all try to get together at least once a year at Christmas time.
It took us only four minutes to get through the Customs(海关).
I telephoned him, but I just couldn’t get through to him.
She felt so cold that she got close to her mother.
It’s time we got down to work.
The theatre was already full, and we couldn’t get in.
The peasants are busy getting in the crops.
We didn’t get up until lunch time.
He got up and walked over to the window.


give away 赠送,给予,背弃,泄露,分发
give back 归还,送回 give in 投降,让步,屈服
give off 释放,发出,放出 (烟、光、热等)
give out 用完,耗尽,分发,发放 give over = hand over 转交,移交
give up 放弃,辞去 give a concert 开音乐会
give a description of… 描述…… give / make a speech 演讲,讲话
give a talk 演讲,做报告 give birth to 生婴儿,生产,造成
give close attention to 密切关注 give medical care to sb 对某人进行治疗
give shade in summer 夏天时遮阳 give / lend sb a hand 给某人帮助
give sb a message = give a message to sb 给某人捎个口信
give sb a second look 再看某人一眼 give sb a warm welcome 热烈欢迎某人
give sb some advice on sth / doing sth / how to do sth 就……向某人提出建议/忠告

In those days, he used to give away a part of his income to help his friend.
Remember not to give it away to anyone else; it’s a secret.
Both sides argued with reason, and neither would give in.
If they are burned, they will give off poisonous gases.
When they made ready to climb the next ridge (山脊), they found that their oxygen had given out.
Our English teacher is giving out the test papers.
Both the man and the horse gave out after the long ride.
All hope of finding the missing aircraft was given up and the search stopped.
Mary had to give up her job after her marriage.
Mr Black will give us a talk on how to learn English well this afternoon.
Could you give us some advice on reading?
If you won’t have it changed, please give my money back.


go abroad 出国 go about 四处走走,开始做,着手干
go about from house to house 挨/逐家拜访 go against 违反,违背
go ahead 说吧,干吧,领先,走在前面 go / walk around 四处走走
go away 走开,离去 go back 回去
go beyond 超越 go by 走过,经过,(时间)消逝,过去
go down 下来,落下,倒下 go down on one’s knees 跪下
go for 为……去,努力获取,主张,适用于
go for a hike = go hiking 去徒步旅行
go for a job interview 去面试找工作 go for a walk / walks 散步
go for sb 对某人也一样 go in for 参加,喜欢
go into 详细调查 go into details 细说
go off 走开,离去,(闹钟)闹响 go off to = be off to = leave for 动身去
go off the air 停止广播(比较:go on the air 开始广播)
go on 发生,进行,继续 go / be on diet 在节食
go on (a) holiday 去度假 go on a tour to 去……观光(游览)
go on a visit to 去……访问(参观)
go on doing sth 继续做某事(同一事)
[比较:go on to do sth 继续做某事(另一事)
go on with sth 继续某事]
go out 熄灭,出去 ,外出 go over 复习,过一遍,仔细检查,审阅
go past 从……的旁边过去 go up 上升,上涨,增长,攀登
go with… 与……相配
go without 忍受没有……之苦,没有……也行,没有……也能勉强应付
go shopping / fishing / sailing / camping / skating 去购物/钓鱼/驾船航行/宿营/滑冰
go straight along 沿着……一直往前走
go through 通过,经受,浏览,仔细检查 go through with 完成
go to bed (上床)睡觉 go to school / work 上学/上班
go to sea 当水手 go to sleep 入睡
go to town 进城 go to a movie 去看电影
go to the country(side) 下乡 go home / there 回家/去那儿
go to see a doctor 去看病,去看医生 go bad 变坏
go wrong 出毛病,不对头,做错事,误入歧途
go Dutch 各付各的帐,平摊费用

No one dared to go against the rules.
—Do you mind if I open the window? / Do you mind my opening the window?
—No, go ahead.
I went away /off wondering if I’d said anything wrong.
I’m afraid the fish has gone bad.
Things will get easier as time goes by.
He went by quickly, taking no notice of us.
If you really want the job, go for it!
Close all the doors and lock them when you go out. The same goes for windows.
I go in for all the competitions.
After a short pause, Maria went on with her story.
Suddenly the candle went out.
Once again I went over exactly what I needed to say.
Let’s go over what we learned last period.
Do you want me to go through this and check your spellings?
Unemployment in that country has gone up by a million.
It is possible to go without food for a few days.
Something’s gone wrong with my watch; I must have it repaired.