Create a green campus

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编辑点评: 秋天的校园仍旧光彩宜人,树依旧是那么绿;花儿好象不知道深秋已经来了,依旧竟香开放,依旧用它那芳香吸引着只只蜜蜂;蝴蝶依旧在校园里翩翩起舞,依旧用它那美丽的身影吸引着同学们的目光。

Create a green campus

Create a green campus
With the development of scientific conductions, our daily life is becoming more and more convenient. But everything has both its good and bad sides, pollution has become a hot topic while the science’s building up. So the word “green” has been paid great attention among us .So do our campus.
Creating a green campus is very important to build up a wonderful atmosphere. ”Green campus ” does not only means green environment, but also means positive study atmosphere, good personal qualities and refer to that the students should be educated and have an environmental sense in their mind. What’s more, what I want to stress is that it sets goals toward the future of the world.
To bring “green campus” to its full play, effective measures should be taken. First, learning is the most important thing, which can strength our personal qualities. Second, we should take care our daily actions about manners and pick up waste papers here and there as we can do. Third , when you make mistakes or someone help you, you should say “sorry” or “thank you” to people with your sweet smile…
Green campus make us live in a soft and warm environment. So we ought to do our best to build green campus.



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    我们的学校就像一个大花园,多么美丽,多么可爱,我们在这里茁壮成长。 我们走进教室,只见窗口那里不断地滚进浓雾,教室里简直就像一个大蒸笼。 春天使大地焕然一新,春天给学校满园春色,春天给我们欢乐和希望,催促我们奋发向上。

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